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    "When we choose TRUST, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE"

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    "The outside world is a reflection of our inner reality"

    Mindful Counselling - Transforming the Inner Reality

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    "Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know"

    -Pema Chodron

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The main intention of this workshop is to build a culture of self reflection through the introspection of the unconscious.

In order to create a life that is true to us and where we can be our authentic selves we need to: examine our belief system, release old pain, understand and be comfortable with change, be comfortable with taking risks in life, and, equip ourselves with the right tools, so we can have open conversations with those close to us. We need to examine the unconscious messages of the culture; in.ex., the main message is that the pain should not be looked at, but quickly get over with; anger is bad, what else? An example of pain not being looked at.

Someone hurts us, because it does not give us what we want in the moment, we feel pain, which we often are not even aware of, and then with a speed of light we move to anger, we might react expressing it and attacking the other person, or suppressing/swallowing it. This may happen because we feel pain, we might even have an interpretation of the other individual hurting us - that we feel so right about. We might think that the other person's behaviours (because they cause us pain) are done with premeditation and we feel attacked. Then we try to protect ourselves, we retract, and the fight is right there. Then other messages of our culture, especially for women, can be not to speak up when things go wrong, not to be too loud, not to show much of the real you, it could be to keep the family together at all costs, right? Regardless how you feel in the relationship. Parents & teachers are right and the children are wrong. And because you were taught and model that belief, you will make your child believe the same, you will make your children feel the same. 

How to discover those beliefs that we have inherited from our culture? The way we can have a closer look at our beliefs is to examine a relationship to our primal attachment figures that relationship created our approach to life. It influences our relationships, connection to our body, work, money and overall to life itself - how much LOVE we feel and let in, how much PASSION we have & how much CREATIVITY we allow to come through us. How SAFE we feel in the world. How much we TRUST ourselves and LIFE. So the intention of this workshop is to EXAMINE, through the relationship of our primal attachment figures, the relationship we have with LIFE. To HEAL, we need to discover what we did not have as children and learn to meet the unmet needs. To learn the art of attending them. As we do that, we create an internalized space inside of us, that can represent for us an internalized MOTHER & FATHER, which will: 

-which holds us when we experience a challenge

-inspires us to take nourishing actions 

-inspires us to try on new things 

-talks to us in kindness, even if we experience a setback

-helps us to create healthy boundaries

As we heal the internal bond, we develop internal qualities, such as being ever loving to yourself, ever accepting, trusting, encouraging, safe. That place, that is ever loving, is a place we fall back into when something goes wrong in our life. That place is THERE when we experience life challenges, when we go through transitions, and we experience change all the time; we experience a change as a form of a loss; a loss of a person, a loss of a relationship, you experience loss when your child leaves for college, right? We need that INNER SPACE to go through those transitions, we need to properly GRIEVE them, we need to grieve that change. Even a change from being a child to being a teeneager, from being single to being married, from being free and having lots of time for yourself to being a mother. If we do not consciously grieve, release those losses, if we do not learn to properly grieve, and embrace this emotion (and no one taught us to do that), we might turn into sedatives, often women turn into food or get depressed, men start to overwork and drink more alkohol. SO, we need to move through the change, and grieve past losses, grieve transitions/changes. At the same time, as we create that safe place inside, we might experience the pain of unmet needs when we were children. That happens because that pain is NOW ready to be embraced. What we don't embrace, we unconsciously transmit this to our children. As we develop that internal INNER SPACE we will also see that our unmet needs were NOT BECAUSE WE DIDN'T DESERVE IT, but because our parents lacked awareness. In this process it is crucial to let yourself feel all the feelings that come up as you regress. Allowing yourself to feel emotions such anger and sadness will cleanse you. What we did not get in the past, what we did not get from our caregivers, we will never get, because the past is in the past, but we can release that pain, and only then we can forgive the person, when we meet those needs by ourselves. Having internalized the ever loving presence within will set you up for life. You will consciously create your beliefs, and walk the path of your own beliefs. Leave the old behind. There will be lightness and creativity, more joy, better boundaries, more love, more money. You won't be afraid of changes, they might become your comfort zone, those which life chooses for you and those that you choose to apply to your life by yourself. You might also change your relationship with fear. Fear will never go away… is a mechanism that we need to survive, but we need to learn to read its message mindfully. When there is real danger, or when a perceived one. When there is a perceived on, we recognize it and move toward our vision regardless. Benefits; skilled in handling emotions, as wisdom and information, healthy boundaries, a solid inner mother, knowing yourself as competent to all good things, connection with your inner goodness and bringing it to everything you do, compassion, not taking yourself too seriously, no need for external validation. You will also become a better parent for your children, better lover, employer, and will gain better health as the addictions, and unhealthy behaviours will move away. 

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