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    "When we choose TRUST, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE"

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    "The outside world is a reflection of our inner reality"

    Mindful Counselling - Transforming the Inner Reality

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    "Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know"

    -Pema Chodron

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How I work

What I find crucial in this work is to create a safe space for your process, and as that space is established, we work together to develop and embody internal resources so you can feel solid, in your body - it's a physical feeling - especially in those moments when life is challenging. I look holistically at each person while highly valuing a nonjudgmental, empathic, and respectful approach to each individual. I believe in a tremendous wisdom that underlines our life experiences and that our true power and capability to love and relate in a healthy way stems from understanding and transforming the relationship to our hardships. When we are able to connect, rather than avoid trauma and pain, we come out empowered, gaining clarity about our true values and goals. More so, we are able to map out a road and have strength to take steps towards fulfilling our deepest longings and desires

  • Getting Started

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  • Certifications

    I have developed my own way of working with people which cultivets inner space where from love and creativity can emerge. I incorporate trainings in gestalt, psychodynamic, inner child work, codependency awareness, attachment work, mindfulness, non-violent communication, somatic experiencing, body-mapping, equine facilitated therapy, primal and birth therapy, and more. I look holistically at each person while highly valuing a nonjudgmental and respectful approach to each individual.

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  • Safety Certificate

    The website https://studio-artgarden-project.eu/ has obtained the highest level of security, class "A" certificate.

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